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About Counselling

My philosophy is that we are all unique and perfect people but we may not know or believe that we truly are.

My focus of work is to achieve greater awareness and helping others to own, integrate and fully assimilate every aspect of themselves.

There is always a basic human need to seek resolution and closure that at some level clamours for attention.
This is very difficult to do on our own, hence the service I provide as a counsellor.

I work in the here and now and may often ask my clients “What is being experienced right now?” in the moment.

There are many reasons people seek counselling or therapy. You may be going through an acute and distressing experience such as bereavement, relationship or work difficulties. You may have a more general issue such as stress, anxiety, depression or just feeling something’s not quite right in your life. You may have a desire to understand yourself better, or to feel more in control and change patterns of behaviour. Being able to talk through your thoughts and feelings in a safe setting, without fear can be a tremendous relief. Should you feel unsure whether counselling is for you, please do give me a call: 07411450950 to explore your questions.

I am often asked what Gestalt therapy is and how does it work? This is not easy to explain because Gestalt therapy is about the human experience and so the best way to understand what it means is “experientially” – doing it yourself. It is also a therapy that would need so many words to describe and explain (there are hundreds of books and web sites on this matter but I have given some pointers below). It is also unique to each moment experienced between two or more people.

Gestalt therapy:

  • Is “holistic” and works with the whole person: mind, body and soul (spirit).
  • Focuses on the “Here and now” experience, instead of memory or fantasy.
  • Focuses on increasing awareness and accessing more choices and ways of being.
  • Reviews old behaviour patterns and beliefs to explore if past ways of being (thinking, behaviour and feelings) are still useful to you now.
  • Works towards greater life fulfillment.
  • Clients are encouraged to become aware of immediate needs, meet them (in a safe manner and environment), and let them recede into the background. The well-adjusted person is seen as someone who is aware of thier constant flow of changing needs and is able to satisfy those needs.
  • The therapist does not interpret experiences for the client. Instead, the two work together to help make true meaning of an experience.

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